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We plan to be present even more in the Oil and Gas Industry: CEO

We plan to be present even more in the Oil and Gas Industry: CEO
Date :1/25/2023 Visit Count : 134
The CEO of MSV Co believes that the main problem in the implementation of projects is the cruel sanctions imposed on Iran, and it should be neutralized in any way possible and find ways to solve it.
Explaining the company's five-year planning to be more present and active in the oil and gas industry, Hossein Nosrati emphasizes in an inclusive interview that: “Today, communication matters the most. The world is all about optimal work and teamwork, and partnering with foreign companies and communicating and using new facilities such as virtual space can be a good help to implement projects faster.”
The MSV Co.’s interview comes as follows:
What is the plan MSV Co. for further actions in the oil and gas industry?
We have a plan to be more present in the oil and gas industry, and we have been working on this for several years. Iran benefits from rich reserves of oil and gas, and the discussion of preventing crude oil sales in the country has been targeted by the government, and this is a very good opportunity. Currently, each barrel of oil costs 100 dollars, but with the development of the value chain, one gram of polymer product (for example, in dentistry) can be worth several dollars.
In this way, with the help of academic departments and knowledge-based centers and the integration of these efforts with more executive departments such as contractors, it is possible to reach a much higher added value that both the number and the product caused by oil will be different in the way that is currently presented in the statistics. The production of value chain products can create fundamental changes in increasing the gross national product, creating jobs and increasing public wealth. Iran, as a country with rich oil and gas resources, can have a say.
MSV Co. also wants to contribute to this optimal path, although a little. I hope that this company in particular will one day reach a point where it will produce technology by itself. Although we should not limit ourselves; the world is a world of communication and partnering with foreign companies and communicating with sectors that are based on human experience and using the wide available facilities such as virtual space can be a good help to achieve the goal with lower costs. Hopefully, this issue will be taken care of not only in this company but also in other companies.
Have you ever been active in the petrochemical sector?
MSV Co.’s Demin-Mobein Petrochemical Water Capacity Development Department and Gachsaran Petrochemical Water Supply Unit and Nitrogen Supply Unit establishment are in process. Also, in the construction project of Farzangan Refinery, a contract has been signed with the participation of Fakur Sanat Company and the implementation has started.
Has the implementation of this project had any distinctive features, especially in the severe conditions of sanctions?
The supply and procurement process is one of the most important activities of the project, which is closely related to other project activities, including engineering, construction and commissioning. On the other hand, due to the sensitivity of the procurement process in this project, like most oil and gas industry projects that are implemented in the form of design, purchase and construction (more than 65% of the total Riyal value of the project), any possible delay in this process could have caused an interruption in the other engineering activities, construction and commissioning of the project and finally cause a delay in the whole project. Especially, the sanction and so many problems caused by it, including the difficulties and complex processes of currency transfer and the increasing and severe inflation caused by the recent years’ exclusive economic conditions, as well as the corona pandemic, which has caused shutdowns and slowness in various work processes, are some of the problems. .
Fortunately, with timely arrangements and measures and adopting effective and fast methods to bypass the sanctions and with the support of the employer, all the equipment purchased from abroad in this project has been provided and delivered to the employer within the expected time frame. Also, in line with turning the threat of oppressive sanctions into an opportunity, major parts of the supply of main equipment were ordered and delivered by reliable domestic manufacturers.
What kind of project MSVCo. carry out in Mobin petrochemicals?
Mobein Energy is responsible for the provision of auxiliary services for petrochemical industries located in Asalouyeh region, including the supply of water, electricity, steam, oxygen, nitrogen, instrument air and compressed air, and the treatment of industrial and sanitary wastes. In order to help reduce pollution and preserve the environment and save energy, Mobein Energy decided to complete the wastewater treatment cycle of petrochemical complexes by building a desalination unit using Ultra Filter and Reverse Osmosis (RO) methods and returning it to the consumption cycle. In this regard, Mobein Energy held a tender, which led to the EPCC contract with MSV Co.
In the wastewater treatment unit, daily 11,520 cubic meters of wastewater received from petrochemicals with a TDS of about 7,440 mg/liter after passing through the steps of ozonation (with the capacity to produce 30 kg/hour of ozone), disk filter, ultra filter and finally by passing through three stages of reverse osmosis (RO), returns 1,824 cubic meters of service water with TDS less than 2,200 mg/L and 5,760 cubic meters per day of demining water with TDS less than 5 mg/L for reuse into the petrochemical industry water cycle.
Does MSV Co. has any plan to invest in oil industry projects in the next few years?
Our first commitment is to fulfill the contracts we have, and if we reach the financial capabilities to invest, we will definitely do so.