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Farzangan refinery project moves in to the implementation phase

Farzangan refinery project moves in to the implementation phase
Date :1/25/2023 Visit Count : 386
MSV Co. (TEHRAN) _ The Farzangan refinery project was launched and entered the implementation phase with the start of the pile driving operation in the last week of August this year.
The implementation of prefabricated piles and piles in Jariz is a part of the consolidation operation of the project base, which will be started based on geotechnical studies and engineering design of the project and will be completed within the next 4 months.
Farzangan Gas Condensate Refinery; As the country's first private gas condensate refinery with a daily capacity of 40,000 barrels, will be constructed in South Pars Special Economic Zone; This refinery will have the daily production capacity of 1,800 tons of naphtha, 1,550 tons of heavy fuel, 1,054 tons of solvent 400, 193 tons of solvent 402 and 127 tons of butane gas.
The employer of this project is Farzangan Energy Pars Company and it is under construction with the participation of MSV Co. and "Fakour Sanat Tehran" company in the form of an EPCC contract (engineering, purchase and supply of goods, construction, implementation and commissioning). Also the duration of the project is 39 months.