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Who We Are

Being capable of designing and executing dozens of fruitful projects in the diverse industries such as oil, gas and petrochemical, water, steel and power plant, MSV has been proven itself as one of the renown firms in Iran which has established itself with customers and employers by obtaining sustainable know-how in the field of water, facilities and equipment, construction, road and transportation, and industry and mining. Besides preserving long-term relations with the customers, through relying on expert human resources' remarkable potentials and management capability of its own, this firm has managed to maintain a significant cooperation with a vast network of foreign and domestic manufacturers and suppliers. The company started its activities in the form of an equipment construction company producing utensils implemented in water-treatment plants in 1983, and by beginning of the 90s along with Iran's accelerating position in its development path, MSV via expanding its activities within four decades, stepped in the field of executing the EPC projects in various industries. The customers' satisfaction is called an achievement that has been gained with both God's assistance and the employees' hard work.


Customer's prime choice as an agile, harmonized, and incorporated company sustainably participating in the market


We are responsible for offering solutions, managing the projects successfully and create desired results for the customers through developing human resources and establishing sympathy along with the sense of belonging.


Establishing an acceptable level of reputation in the market and securing the customers' satisfaction through doing the tasks right, being trustworthy and responsible both in professional behavior and work are concerned, performing toward company's affairs based on collective wisdom, providing a suitable work environment to create security, mental health and the sense of belonging in within the employees.