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A new record for MSV Co. Installation of 3 wing mills in one month

A new record for MSV Co. Installation of 3 wing mills in one month
Date :1/25/2023 Visit Count : 213
MSV Co. (TEHRAN) _ MSV Co. successfully managed to install 3 ball mill units in 3 separate production lines in one of the largest mining and industrial complexes in the Middle East within a period of one month.
The installation of 3 ball mill units each weighing 123 tons in lines 5-6 and 7 of Golgohar concentrate complex was successfully completed in less than a month.
This operation is a part of the project to upgrade and improve the quality of concentrate production lines 5, 6 and 7 of Golgohar Mining and Industrial Complex, and the implementation of the project without reducing concentrate production in all three production lines is one of the most important and key indicators in the implementation of this operation.
It is expected that with the completion of the capacity upgrading and quality improvement project, the capacity of these three production lines will reach 8.1 million tons of concentrate per year from the current 6 million tons, and each of the lines will be able to produce 2.7 million tons of concentrate per year.
The ball mill is considered the most important and heaviest equipment in iron concentrate production projects, its installation requires special precision and efficiency, and at the same time, it is very important in the productivity of production lines.