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CEO's Message

MSV Co. is incorporation of knowledge, expertise and capability for carrying out the prosperous EPC projects, that offers services for a wide range of customers in oil, gas, petrochemical industries, water and power plant. We truly believe that the company's development and prosperity cannot be thoroughly achieved unless the customers' needs and expectations and also that of well and able expert human resources' are met and the managers make themselves committed to either of them.

Among the company's values, there exist elements such as getting the job done correctly in order to gain a satisfactory level of reputation in the market level, being faithful to the honesty in behavior and taking responsibility of the job and its results and consequences, leading the company's affairs based on collective wisdom and creating suitable environment for colleagues and strengthening within them the sense of belonging, by which a framework of decision making in the organizational level through the projects lives' cycle are established.

MSV is honored that it has been successfully operated in various projects even in a special environmental condition and offering comprehensive safe solutions for customers to tackle the encountering problems, all thanks to relying on financial capability, its human resources and managerial capacity and also having access to a reliable network of domestic and foreign suppliers.

These are the experiences that have made the name of the company immanent right besides effective execution of the national projects. Commencing its 5th decades of work, facing numerous ups and downs and obtaining invaluable experiences, having faith in the merciful God, MSV promises its customers and employers in different fields to ascertain sustainable achievements and as an accredited companion, it will accompany them all through the projects and realization of their goals.